Welcome to the website of society “Shelter “Safe House”” about the integration of asylum seekers, refugees and persons who have been granted the alternative status (explanations can be found at the end of this section) in Latvia!

Here you can get answers to the key questions related to the reception of asylum seekers, find out what organizations provide support to these target groups.

Asylum seeker




Alternative status

A person, who is asking to be granted the refugee or alternative status according to the procedure prescribed by the Asylum Law. Person has the status of an asylum seeker as long as the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs decides on granting or rejecting the refugee or alternative status.


A person, who has been granted the refugee status according to the procedure prescribed by the Asylum Law and in accordance with the 1951 Refugee Convention. Refugee status is granted to persons who have justified fear of persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group, or political opinions.


A person, who can not be recognized to be a refugee according to the 1951 Refugee Convention, but, in accordance with international treaties and EU legislation, are in need of protection, if the person is in danger of death or corporal punishment, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment in their country of nationality; also, if there is a serious and individual threat to their life and health due to indiscriminate violence or armed conflicts.